Tuesday, April 28, 2009


Look at me! I've blogged like, 3 whole days in a row! WEEEEEEEEE!

So I was sitting here at my computer, running late for work, thinking to myself - I need to BLOG! Yes, you read that right, darling blog readers. I'm ALWAYS thinking of others. *bats eyes*

So because I knoooooow that you have been dying to see yet another jaw-dropping image from yours truly, I thought I'd share one of Jessica! She's another '09 graduating senior & just happens to be my husband's cousin's daughter (ok I just confused myself!) ... anyhoo, she's a KNOCKOUT - & smart as a whip! I'm gonna have to give her mom the credit for that =) She'll be attending the esteemed University of Alabama (ROLL TIDE!!!) =)

Congrats, Jessica!


Scrappygirl2u said...

That chair is awesome! Great job!

Stephanie said...

Thanks Shannon, I love that stinkin' chair! LOL

Terri said...

she is sooo cute! Can't believe she is so grown up.