Sunday, March 30, 2008

If only...

...I was this beautiful when I was pregnant. *sigh*

I was ecstatic to find a memory card that I hadn't deleted yet! There are lots more photos of Meredith on there,but I was so excited that I just ps'ed the first one! My beloved HUGE external drive is STILL in the computer hospital (*sniff sniff*) ... I'm not even going to go into the details but let's just say I have my left kidney for sale on e-bay if anyone is interested in helping me fund data retrieval.

Saturday, March 29, 2008

Happy *belated* Easter!

It seems I can't do anything on time lately... with 4 kids running around, I literally have to schedule time to brush my teeth! =) But happy *late* easter anyway... I'm becoming such a slacker with photos lately that I thought I'd post one, taken with my handy dandy point & shoot.

Get ready for some OUTSTANDING photography...

*drumroll please*

TA DA! ;) (giggle) ... I really, REALLY need to pull out my 5D. Somebody slap me! =)