Thursday, November 30, 2006

One Little Tooth

It's here! Weeks of sheer anticipation of its arrival has worn us out.... Cassidy has finally cut her first tooth.

I knew it was coming because all the signs were there- fever, runny nose, little cough here & there. Cassidy has also been a tiny bit irritable. Hmmm, well truth be known, maybe a lot irritable. Ok, ok, ok. Downright crabby. My little princess has turned into a tooth-cutting, fit-pitching, gonna-get-my-way-or-I-will-cry-until-I-puke monster. Surely this too will pass??? (I know I've read that in the Bible somewhere!)

Sunday, November 26, 2006

Getting in the Holiday Spirit!

Here's Kayleigh, still proofing her session. Thought this one was cute & wanted to share :o)

I have to say, today was a much better day! Eric & I had a very long talk about how silly our dispute is. Christmas is for the kids, after all! So we let them decide what to do with the tree, & they want my decorations back up! HIP HIP HOORAY! Hee hee.... wonder if I would be so joyful if they would have decided to decorate it themselves? LOL!! It's still "bald" and "blank" as Tucker says, but we'll get it RE-decorated soon.

Today was such a busy day, we were all getting ready for church, then one by one started dropping like flies :o) Jackson started coughing & wheezing, then I started coughing, then Cassidy's nose started running.... we decided to sit today out. I wouldn't want any other kids to get sick. By the afternoon we were all medicated & feeling much better, all of us took a nap (except Tucker), which is something that I NEVER do - but it felt great! After our nap we were off to Ashleigh's birthday party at Party Central, the kids wore themselves out. Dinner at China Luck, would have been nice but like I said, the kids had worn themselves out, so it wasn't one of those nice *quiet* dinners (ha!)... but nice nonetheless. And even though my kids misbehave sometimes (well alot of times!) I was reminded once again how lucky I am when a little bald girl (obviously undergoing chemo) came into the restaurant. I am so blessed, so unbelievable thankful to have such a wonderfully healthy, beautiful family.

Saturday, November 25, 2006

Christmas Cheer

Jackson is so funny. I was trying to attempt a nice Christmas shot here, but he discovered he could see himself in the ornament, so he started making faces. So funny!

Putting up the Christmas tree... happy memory for most, but not me! Every year my husband & I decide to fuss & fight over the tree. Granted, I am not a lover of colored lights. Okay, I downright despise them. I admit it. I'm evil. I like CLEAR *gasp* lights. Unthinkable.

I finally UN-decorated the tree today because I was sick & tired of hearing how much they hate my clear-light-gold-ornament tree. So what happens? SHOCK. Utter and total disbelief by my entired household. What's happened to the tree? Mama why did you take all the stuff off the tree, now it's blank? Put the decorations back on, Mama. Not just no, but HECK NO. I'm not going to be made the Scrooge of Christmas just because I hate the tacky colored lights (sorry if I offend). I'll just let them decorate it with whatever they want!

So that was my decision. Let them decorate it. With whatever they want! Then we go to Lowe's, Tucker throws a string of colored lights in the buggy. I thought I was going to have a panic attack, but I made it through somehow. He thinks we're putting those lights outside.

It would be so sad if something happened to those lights. Poor poor lights.

Sunday, November 19, 2006

Sessions Everywhere!

Okay so I had 2 sessions this weekend & a session on Monday. Don't get me wrong, I'm loving it, it's just a little rough with the kids, work, the holidays coming up. But hey- I'll count my blessings! It could definitely be worse.

I think my rear end is asleep from sitting in this chair so long so this blog entry is going to be short & sweet. Lucky blog! :o)

Saturday, November 18, 2006

Silly Girl

Just wanted to share a couple of a little girl I had a session with this morning. She was such a ham! I love her little faces here & her outfits were just adorable. We had lots of fun!

Thursday, November 16, 2006

Hard Day's Work

My nephew, Riley. I thought these turned out very cute. Can't wait to show my sis-in-law.

Today was arguably the roughest day at work since I started my new job. Everything was just a mess. I got home late, but just in time for Grey's Anatomy - honestly I didn't enjoy the episode much, but I don't know if it's that I was just in one of those sourpuss moods or what. I'm just kind of tired lately- tired of working, tired of cleaning, tired of the computer (yes you heard that right! lol)

Poor blog. It just gets Stephanie the griper. :o) I promise to be Stephanie the Sweetie Pie one day.

Just not today.

Wednesday, November 15, 2006


Yay me! I am finally done with proofing the 2 photo shoots from weekend before last. It's such a huge relief to be finished. Between work & kids & proofing I haven't been getting much sleep lately. Oh, what's that saying... I can sleep when I'm dead. Yeah, man. Something to look forward to. HA! :o)
I've included a few favorites from the family reunion that I did since I've posted so many of "Daddy's girls". I got a little carried away :o)

Tuesday, November 14, 2006

For anyone who cares :o) Cassidy is doing much better.
I have another favorite from a photo shoot I'm posting. Just can't get enough of this little girl!

Anyone who knows me knows that I just love little old people- and not that I don't love the sweet ones (don't we all), but the feisty ones I really, really enjoy! I was having a nice little conversation today with a little lady- you can't really understand much of what she says unless you listen very, very closey- and then, you still can't decipher much. Well I thought I was being all nice, having this lovely conversation, and WHAM! "You're fired!!!" Clear as a bell! Thank goodness she hired me back before it was said & done. (ha!) She watched me like a hawk for about an hour after that. I kept asking her if I was doing okay, & she told me "I reckon" so I guess I got her seal of approval. Nursing- never a dull moment. :o)

Monday, November 13, 2006

My Eye-Opener

I had a rather eye-opening experience yesterday.
I get a call from my mother-in-law saying that my daughter is running a fever (103) & that she has thrown up her tylenol. Now normally, I wouldn't go get her, but I have made this sort of silent vow that I am not putting work before my family anymore.
So I leave work, go pick her up & give her a tepid bath to cool her off. No luck, fever is rising & is 103.8, even after the bath. I'm not normally a paranoid mother, so I'm okay with the high fever as long as I know I can get it down. But for some reason I was a little more concerned than usual.
Off we go to the doctor's office. He decides she needs an x-ray to check for pneumonia. I noticed the X-ray tech looking at the films a little strangely, but hey, I'm not *that* paranoid mama, so I'm okay. Then I see it for myself. The spine is very very crooked. Probably just scoliosis, I think. But wait, her heart looks very enlarged? And why does her liver shadow look so big?
The doctor comes in & states that he thinks she was rotated & that he would like a repeat X-Ray to check her spine. He also feels that she looks just a little jaundiced & wants to check her liver enzymes & a blood count.
Okay. Paranoid mother is here. I call my husband. All sorts of scenarios are playing through my head. I have always been unable to watch the starving children or St. Jude commercials because just the thought of an ailing child is enough to make me cry. I've always said "I couldn't handle having a sick or terminal child". So the thought that something may be wrong with my precious little girl is enough to send me into a panic state. I started praying. Hard.
Luckily, everything checked out. She was rotated, her liver enzymes were normal. She is very sick & still running a fever, but she got an injection & is on oral antibiotics, so I am sure she will be fine in a few days.

My prayers are with all the mothers & fathers who have to live out my worst nightmare. My prayers are with the children who have to endure countless tests, needlesticks, and x-rays. My prayers are with the nurses who have to inflict pain on a child that doesn't understand you are only trying to help them. My prayers are with the doctors who have to break the news to a parent that their child is going to die, and there is nothing they can do about it - but pray.

Saturday, November 11, 2006

Work, Work, & Work

So, this is my weekend to work. What fun. Not that I'm not usually working, it's just that I'm usually working on photography, not patients. :o)

I keep coming back to this picture. I love it! I love the colors, the fountain, the surprised look on her face, I love everything about it. She is such a cutie. Her sister was a mess, too. Their Daddy is serving in Iraq & these pics are a surprise for him. (Well I think they were meant to be, but one of the kids may have slipped & told him!)

As I'm proofing these pictures, I think how hard it must be to have your husband half way across the world. And how hard it must be to take care of two young children, all the while pretending you aren't worried about their Daddy & the fact that there is a possibility that he might not return. I can't imagine it, I just can't. The sacrifices these men & our family make on so many levels is absolutely beyond my comprehension.

Friday, November 10, 2006

Technically (UN-)Correct

Okay, so anyone who knows me knows that I am freakishly obsessed with photography! I love capturing little moments that I want to remember forever. Frankly, I'm going a little overboard with the whole thing. I can't look at anything anymore without thinking "I'd love to take a picture of that". Okay, so call me weird. It won't be the first time.

I just wanted to share a picture that, technically, is bad. Harsh light, shadows on the face. But it works for me. I absolutely *love* it! So, even though it's technically wrong, doesn't that make it right? *giggle*

Just food for thought.

And naturally, you know I have to share one of those artsy-fartsy moments too :o)

Stephanie, Overloaded

Okay, so I have to give some sort of explanation for the name- Stephanie, Overloaded - right?

Here goes - I am married to a WONDERFUL man, Eric - we have 3 children - Tucker, who is 6 years old & in first grade; Jackson, 2 years old & establishing his independence; Cassidy, 9 months old & crawling everywhere. I work outside the home full-time as a Registered Nurse. I am also an aspiring photographer!

Whew! Now you see why I'm up posting at 12:21 am :o) Busy gal!

Better late than never, I always say... here's Halloween pics of the kids!