Tuesday, April 28, 2009


Look at me! I've blogged like, 3 whole days in a row! WEEEEEEEEE!

So I was sitting here at my computer, running late for work, thinking to myself - I need to BLOG! Yes, you read that right, darling blog readers. I'm ALWAYS thinking of others. *bats eyes*

So because I knoooooow that you have been dying to see yet another jaw-dropping image from yours truly, I thought I'd share one of Jessica! She's another '09 graduating senior & just happens to be my husband's cousin's daughter (ok I just confused myself!) ... anyhoo, she's a KNOCKOUT - & smart as a whip! I'm gonna have to give her mom the credit for that =) She'll be attending the esteemed University of Alabama (ROLL TIDE!!!) =)

Congrats, Jessica!

Monday, April 27, 2009

Lauren - Senior Portraits

I had so much fun with Lauren & her mom yesterday! I think I did almost as much talking as shooting (ok so maybe that's not so uncommon for me...) - but who knew we had so much in common? Lauren's dad is a Lieutenant at Anniston Fire Department - so is my sweet hubby, Eric! Aaaaand her mom is a RN. Sweet. =)

I drug the poor thing all over, I think she was ready to choke me by the time the session was over - but that's okay. About 99% of sessions end like that. HA! ;) They're always grateful when the proofs come back!

Look at these gorgeous blue eyes - WOWSERS!

Can you say smokin' hot? Okay I probably shouldn't say that. But WOAH!

And here we have Stephanie attempting to eat up Lauren's elbows with gravel. BWAAAA HAHAHAHA. I'm evil like that folks, yes I am.

Hope you enjoyed your sneak peek Lauren! =)

Sunday, April 26, 2009


How did my day go, you ask?

Ok, so you didn't ask. Let's just pretend that you did, for the sake of my blog post. ;)

Now. How did my day go? Well, let's see. I woke up this morning with intentions of going to church, going to the grocery store, taking Nate to work the concession stand at some ballgame for the Honor Society, cleaning up a bit, shooting a Senior Portrait session, and getting some orders placed. Since I didn't lay out church clothes last night, I woke up a little bit behind schedule, but got up & starting getting everything picked out, ironed, etc. YES, I have to pick everyone's church clothes out. Seems everyone here is either fashion challenged or color blind, other than me (of course). So after fussing & fighting with everyone, ironing 6 different outfits & getting in the shower to discover that someone (named Jackson) squirted out all of my shampoo & conditioner, I resolved that I would not be going to church TODAY. At least everyone else was ready. I figured I would just have to pray on my way to the grocery store.

So. All the boys head to church. Me & Cassidy were about to head to the grocery store, get all loaded up & then UGH! Can't find my darn keys! I was stranded until the little culprits returned... It *is* Sunday right? Not Monday - SUNDAY? Right?

Anyhoo, needless to say, only about 3 things on that endless to-do list got done today... BUT (and that's one big but) while I was stranded I talked the baby girl into a 30 second photo shoot! (now that's what you call a mini session! ha!)

Oh & P.S. - Miss Kaitlin (from yesterday's post) won 2nd Alternate & Miss Photogenic!! Congrats Kaitlin!

Saturday, April 25, 2009

Oops, I did it again...

Didn't post for like, ehhh, 2 or 3 months. I'M SO BAD! I'm going to try to redeem myself one of these days, but for now all you get is a mini post. BWAAAA HAHAHAHAHA! I'm evil, yes I am!

What's happened since my last post? Lots =) We went to Disney World for a week over Spring Break. The kids had a blast but we were all so TIRED when we got home! I'll have to post pics... later. (oh yeah, I just did that).

Since no post is a post without a picture (even a mini post), I'll leave you with this young beauty who's in a pageant this afternoon... Go Miss Kaitlin!!! I have a feeling she's gonna do GREAT!