Monday, October 29, 2007

Ashley Annabelle

I think I photograph Ashley about, ohhhh, every 2 weeks or so. HAHA! Seriously - her mom is my best friend from high school, so I do take muchos gracias lotsa pictures of this kid. (Ya'll didn't know I was bilingual did you? Yeah, well, I'm not. Whatever.)

Back to business here. I took Ashley's 9 month photos a few weeks ago, and oh my gosh, can I say I LOVE this age? They're so animated, and able to sit up, but can't run away yet. Although I give her kudos for tryin! Yeah. She's *THAT* cute. I thought my grass & fence made a nice colorful background =) All that picture takin' makes a kid hungry... what's better to snack on than little baby fingers?? =)
Alrighty, if you made it this far, you're a peach! =) That's all folks!

Thursday, October 25, 2007

Just my bunch...

I had good intentions... I set out on a mission to get a few pics of the kids for the GAP casting call - too bad it ended before I had a chance to sit down & enter, but ANYWAY, I did get some funny pics.

Don't let the innocent look fool you, folks.

At first I thought "oh my goodness, she's gonna give him a kiss!" I was about to enter a state of shock when I realized...

she was just perfecting her choke hold.

I'm so proud of Tucker, he made the A Honor Roll on his first report card!!! He definitely got his brains from Mama. This is him "not smiling" for the camera... he's trying SOOOOO hard to be serious...

he couldn't help but crack a grin =)

And last, but certainly not least, my mischevious little stinker "Shackson" (as he likes to call himself). He informed me today that the next time I got on to him, that he was "just going to be Nanny's mama". LOL!!! I'm thinking he's trying to disown me or something???!!!

Sunday, October 21, 2007

GoldieLocks... the male version

I said I needed to post more client photos, so I'm trying to be a good girl & *DO* it.

I had so much fun following this little fellow around... he's such a cutie with those golden locks & blue eyes! It's such fun to watch this age explore - everything they find is a treasure. I bet he handed me enough leaves to populate the national forest! HAHA! So cute... I love it when they're still so innocent & sweet. Watch out Mom, those days are numbered =)

Notice the BIG catchlights. Yeah that would be ME. =)

And I *LOVE* feet! Don't look if you're one of those weirdos (eh hem.... CHRISTINA)who hate feet. =)

Alrighty roo, that's all for now.... I have a wedding to proof! EEEEK! =)

Thursday, October 18, 2007

Overloaded = Overlooked

I hate being rushed, but I usually am. If something is due at 12 noon on Saturday, I generally start worrying about it, oooooh 'round about 10am. On Saturday.

Which means I can sometimes overlook shots like this.

How sweet is a snoozing newborn with a teddy bear? ;o)

Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Blame it on the Ren

It's all her fault...

She twisted my arm & made me download lightroom & now I can't stop playing.

YES, it's 8am- YES, I'm supposed to be at work. BUT I CAN'T STOP. Who cares?! It's just money, right? But wait, I do need some way to pay for all my toys...

Gotta go.

As promised...

another beach pic. I'm a WOman of my word. This is kinda different for me but I liked it =)

I finally downloaded lightroom to try... it's actually pretty cool. I used Renee's presets & it makes everything SO much easier =)

Another lightroom edit:

Sunday, October 14, 2007

Daddy's Girls

I've been so terrible about posting client photos lately. I apologize!!! Each & every session certainly deserves a post & I need to start doing that :)

Anyhoo, I had the pleasure of shooting this family today. I did a session for Mom & the girls about a year ago, when Dad was still overseas. It was really fun to see how much they've grown up. I couldn't wait to get home & proof this one as soon as I shot it! She's only 6 & was soooooo much fun - a natural poser & LOVED the camera. I think the camera loves her too :)

And here's little sister, otherwise known as "Queen" or "Sleeping Beauty". Just ask her. :)

Looks like they're glad to see one another huh??!!

Poor guys, I hope they make it through their teen years because these two are gonna be HANDFULS! :) You guys were lots of fun & thanks to Dad for being such a good sport!

Saturday, October 13, 2007

Opinions, Please

Anyone remember that I was changing my website? Yeah, I didn't think so.

Anyway - I started the whole "update my website" thing, then I decided hey, let's get a blu. Then I thought, heck, if I'm getting a new website, I need to change my logo around. And if I'm going to change my logo around, then why not just rename everything? See how my mind works? I'd like to put my brain to sleep sometimes!! ;o)

I'm going for a clean, modern look since I'm planning on adding WEDDINGS to my resume. Let me know what you think!

Thursday, October 11, 2007

We're Baaaaack!

So just in case anyone missed me, I've been at the beach! :D My mailbox was FULL FULL FULL, but I'll have everyone answered by tomorrow... so if you don't hear from me... I DIDN'T GET YOUR EMAIL. For some reason I've been having some issues with godaddy's email - a couple clients didn't get my emails - & now I'm a bit nervous about the whole issue, so if I don't answer you, don't think I'm ignoring, I just didn't get the email - or you didn't get mine :D

Sharing a couple from my trip. Promise there will be more... you'll be sick of beach pics in the fall in a few days, I'm sure! ;)

Notice the different bathing suits. I think I packed ooooh about 3, then I bought 3 more. EEEEK! Is it wrong? I just thought the green would be cute for pics. LOL! It was on sale... Well, heck, you have to admit I was right... I mean, look at that! She's so flippin' cute I can't stand it. That's Eric & the boys she's looking at :) And YES I put sunscreen on her but she did get a bit pink! :o

This is definitely one of my new faves.... I LOVED shooting on this day... the sunset was absolutely FANTASTIC.

I've heard of putting your foot in your mouth, but someone elses? GROSS. At least it's plastic, LOL! We were shopping, this is what happens when boys get bored...

Tuesday, October 02, 2007


I'm loving my new camera... but I'm REALLY REALLY loving my new lens :) I haven't learned all the ins & outs of the 5D yet but I'm working on it... so far I like what I see :)

This is my niece Trinity. She's such a mess. I don't get to see her alot but she always cracks me up! We had the funniest conversation, went something like this:
T: "I have this knot on the back of my head where my brain got bigger."
Me: "Wow, really? How did that happen?"
T: "Well, one day, after they made me do some math, I went into the bathroom and there was a big knot where my brain had just kinda popped out because it got so big."
Me: "Woah. That's pretty cool, huh?"
T: "Yeah. I got another one on the other side now."
Me: "Hmmm. Wonder how that one happened?"
T: "Spelling test."