Tuesday, October 02, 2007


I'm loving my new camera... but I'm REALLY REALLY loving my new lens :) I haven't learned all the ins & outs of the 5D yet but I'm working on it... so far I like what I see :)

This is my niece Trinity. She's such a mess. I don't get to see her alot but she always cracks me up! We had the funniest conversation, went something like this:
T: "I have this knot on the back of my head where my brain got bigger."
Me: "Wow, really? How did that happen?"
T: "Well, one day, after they made me do some math, I went into the bathroom and there was a big knot where my brain had just kinda popped out because it got so big."
Me: "Woah. That's pretty cool, huh?"
T: "Yeah. I got another one on the other side now."
Me: "Hmmm. Wonder how that one happened?"
T: "Spelling test."


Terri said...

That girl is something else. Gotta love her, she has her own individual personality. Cute as a button.

stephanie said...

she definitely looks like the cute and sassy type! sooo cute!

I'm still jealous of your new camera ;) LOVE the new pics with it!

Renee said...

LMAO at the conversation!!!

Yay you for getting the goodies!