Sunday, October 21, 2007

GoldieLocks... the male version

I said I needed to post more client photos, so I'm trying to be a good girl & *DO* it.

I had so much fun following this little fellow around... he's such a cutie with those golden locks & blue eyes! It's such fun to watch this age explore - everything they find is a treasure. I bet he handed me enough leaves to populate the national forest! HAHA! So cute... I love it when they're still so innocent & sweet. Watch out Mom, those days are numbered =)

Notice the BIG catchlights. Yeah that would be ME. =)

And I *LOVE* feet! Don't look if you're one of those weirdos (eh hem.... CHRISTINA)who hate feet. =)

Alrighty roo, that's all for now.... I have a wedding to proof! EEEEK! =)


Christina said...

Those are sweet feet!

Terri said...

He is such a cutie pie....I am looking forward to seeing wedding shots, hint hint

Jess said...

I am a sucker for feet too.

Renee said...

Ha! Danny hates feet too. I think these tootsies are adorable!

meg.back said...

love the big catchlights AND the gorgeous bokeh!