Wednesday, February 27, 2008

My First Post of 2008????

It's hard to believe that I haven't posted one. single. solitary. blog. in ALL of 2008. Nevermind it's only been 2 months.... well, heck, almost 3! Needless to say things have been CRAZY! I'll give you the short version, in chronological order.

Santa picked up the elves & left a mess of toys under the tree.

The new year rang in while I was asleep. (yeah I'm *that* wild!)

The boys started karate lessons & are now yellow belts!

Cassidy got bangs. Don't ask.

After undergoing drug tests, a home study, criminal background check, & endless meetings with lawyers, a judge awarded us full custody of Nathan - he's adjusting well by the way! =)

My desktop computer CRASHED. Bang.

We booked a trip for Punta Cana in June! YAAAAY! =)

Jackson developed this new incredibly strange habit of licking the bottom of his feet. No clue where that came from!

Cassidy turned 2, still can't believe that one...

We celebrated Nathan's 10th birthday on 2/20 - we're having his & Tucker's party together this Saturday. They are super excited!

I got a new little Canon point & shoot & I've been using the FIRE out of it. It's awesome not to have to lug my 5D around everywhere.... I haven't been shooting much at all to be honest & I miss it. I think I'm *almost* ready to start accepting sessions for the spring... Thanks to all my past & prospective clients for your phone calls, I promise I'll be back in biz before you know it! =)

I went through THE WORST state survey at work. EVER.

Cassidy got the flu. Jackson got the flu. I got the flu. Tucker got the flu. Nate got the flu. Eric got the flu. FUN STUFF. Six coughing, sneezing, aching, feverish, puking, snotting, hacking, flu-ridden people in the SAME house. You wanna know misery? Yeah, it's right there, buddy. Eight days worth.

My best friend filed for divorce.

We finally joined Grace Baptist Church in Oxford. Love it!

Tucker & Nate got saved. They're gonna be baptized (or "bab-a-tized" per Nathan, and "vaporized" per Tucker, just depends on which one you ask... ha!)

And drumroll please......

I GOT MY COMPUTER FIXED! YAY ME!!!!!!!!! WOOT WOOT! Happy dance!!!

....and I guess that's about it in a nutshell. =) Promise to drive you crazy in the near future!