Monday, April 27, 2009

Lauren - Senior Portraits

I had so much fun with Lauren & her mom yesterday! I think I did almost as much talking as shooting (ok so maybe that's not so uncommon for me...) - but who knew we had so much in common? Lauren's dad is a Lieutenant at Anniston Fire Department - so is my sweet hubby, Eric! Aaaaand her mom is a RN. Sweet. =)

I drug the poor thing all over, I think she was ready to choke me by the time the session was over - but that's okay. About 99% of sessions end like that. HA! ;) They're always grateful when the proofs come back!

Look at these gorgeous blue eyes - WOWSERS!

Can you say smokin' hot? Okay I probably shouldn't say that. But WOAH!

And here we have Stephanie attempting to eat up Lauren's elbows with gravel. BWAAAA HAHAHAHA. I'm evil like that folks, yes I am.

Hope you enjoyed your sneak peek Lauren! =)

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