Saturday, November 25, 2006

Christmas Cheer

Jackson is so funny. I was trying to attempt a nice Christmas shot here, but he discovered he could see himself in the ornament, so he started making faces. So funny!

Putting up the Christmas tree... happy memory for most, but not me! Every year my husband & I decide to fuss & fight over the tree. Granted, I am not a lover of colored lights. Okay, I downright despise them. I admit it. I'm evil. I like CLEAR *gasp* lights. Unthinkable.

I finally UN-decorated the tree today because I was sick & tired of hearing how much they hate my clear-light-gold-ornament tree. So what happens? SHOCK. Utter and total disbelief by my entired household. What's happened to the tree? Mama why did you take all the stuff off the tree, now it's blank? Put the decorations back on, Mama. Not just no, but HECK NO. I'm not going to be made the Scrooge of Christmas just because I hate the tacky colored lights (sorry if I offend). I'll just let them decorate it with whatever they want!

So that was my decision. Let them decorate it. With whatever they want! Then we go to Lowe's, Tucker throws a string of colored lights in the buggy. I thought I was going to have a panic attack, but I made it through somehow. He thinks we're putting those lights outside.

It would be so sad if something happened to those lights. Poor poor lights.


Julie said...

LOL, too funny. What a sweet picture! I don't like multicolored lights either. I am being nice and allowing a variety of's all about compromise. You want your ornaments, I get white lights!

Anonymous said...

hee hee, i only like clear lights too! and when i decorate the exterior of the house i like clear lights and for things to look as good during the daytime as they do at night, no giant santa's perched on the roof! i guess i'm a big ole scrooge too!