Sunday, November 26, 2006

Getting in the Holiday Spirit!

Here's Kayleigh, still proofing her session. Thought this one was cute & wanted to share :o)

I have to say, today was a much better day! Eric & I had a very long talk about how silly our dispute is. Christmas is for the kids, after all! So we let them decide what to do with the tree, & they want my decorations back up! HIP HIP HOORAY! Hee hee.... wonder if I would be so joyful if they would have decided to decorate it themselves? LOL!! It's still "bald" and "blank" as Tucker says, but we'll get it RE-decorated soon.

Today was such a busy day, we were all getting ready for church, then one by one started dropping like flies :o) Jackson started coughing & wheezing, then I started coughing, then Cassidy's nose started running.... we decided to sit today out. I wouldn't want any other kids to get sick. By the afternoon we were all medicated & feeling much better, all of us took a nap (except Tucker), which is something that I NEVER do - but it felt great! After our nap we were off to Ashleigh's birthday party at Party Central, the kids wore themselves out. Dinner at China Luck, would have been nice but like I said, the kids had worn themselves out, so it wasn't one of those nice *quiet* dinners (ha!)... but nice nonetheless. And even though my kids misbehave sometimes (well alot of times!) I was reminded once again how lucky I am when a little bald girl (obviously undergoing chemo) came into the restaurant. I am so blessed, so unbelievable thankful to have such a wonderfully healthy, beautiful family.

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