Saturday, May 02, 2009

Seniors, Seniors everywhere =)

You guys are probably thinking by now that all I do is seniors, which is NOT SO!!! I have had alot of them lately, though, and have REALLY been enjoying myself. I ♥looooove ♥ photographing seniors. Actually, I love photographing everything. Just ask my husband. I can get rather annoying with a camera in-hand. ;)

Isn't she purrrrty? I had *so* much fun at her shoot with her, her mom & sister! I could post a picture of her sister here in some rather *ahem* interesting attire, but ehhhhh, she might hunt me down & kill me - so for the sake of my children, I'll have to pass! =)

Congrats, girl!!! Hope you enjoy the last few weeks of your senior year! =)

P.S. - On a personal note, my wallet got stolen on Thursday when I was on my way home from the hospital (seeing my Grandad, who is doing great, thanks for asking!) .... So *IF* you've found my wallet & happened to google Stephanie Arnold & came here by some stroke of G-E-N-I-U-S ... I just wanna say :p !!!!!! And I hope the little turkey just TRIIIIIIES to open up a credit card in my name or use my credit cards because when they do... OOOOOH they're in TROUBLE! Okay. Anyhoo. Ta ta for now. =)


Scrappygirl2u said...

Very pretty! Love the field girl!

Stephanie said...

Thanks Shannon =)

露出 said...