Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Red Ribbon Week ~ Day 2

It's Red Ribbon Week at White Plains Elementary!

If you know me, you know I HATE drugs... so we try to be supportive of anything anti-drug in my home. I forgot to take a picture yesterday (Don't let drugs turn your life inside out!) ... but I couldn't let them get away this morning without breaking out the ole 5D.

Today's theme - "Tell me a story of a drug free world!" Mission: dress up as your favorite storybook character. Without further ado, I give you Harry Potter & Jengo Fett -

3 reasons you SHOULDN'T be laughing right now:
1. It's just NOT NICE. =)
2. They decided what they were going to dress as, not me.
2. Costumes are slim pickins' - we had to improvise Harry Potter with a vampire cape (we snatched off some gargoyle thingy), a wand (stick) out of the back yard & some coke bottle glasses that should come in handy tomorrow (HINT HINT). Yes, those bad boys are going to work double-duty.


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