Saturday, October 18, 2008

Fall BREAK? Not exactly...

Ahhh, fall break. Nate's spending the week with his Mawmaw & cousins, the boys are going camping with Dad... so I took the entire week off with the intention of relaxing, getting some of my photog "stuff" done - and absolutely NOTHING else - no cleaning (okay I can never escape this...), no cooking (I got bored & whipped up a feast fit for Thanksgiving by Tuesday), and definitely NO public outings with the kids. Camping lasted all of one day, because Eric simply couldn't take it any more. We actually got date night on Wednesday - dinner & a movie! By Thursday, we decided to go to the zoo. Naturally. Because boredom makes the brain mushy.

BUUUUUUT, I'm thinking - perfect photo opp, right? Wrong. I didn't charge my battery & my camera died about 30 minutes into our little trip. My husband thought it was quite funny. (I did not. Hmph.)

I decided to snap some shots of Cassidy on the way there while I had her all strapped down...
this is what you call a severe case of P.C.S. (Photographer's Child Syndrome)

Heh. Revenge is sweet....

Ohhhh, I'm kidding, totally kidding. I don't torture my kids with 20 foot snakes. Pinky swear. I did giggle. Quietly, though. PROMISE!

I thought these stinkers would quit fighting long enough for me to get a PERFECT PARROT shot, but noone really felt like cooperating. *sigh* Nice bokeh, though. =)

This little guy was cute (and STILL)... hey, it's not easy being green. (snicker)

The Lorakeet exhibit - the kids LOOOOOVED this!

Tucker was really mad because this one little guy just stayed with him even when his nectar cup was empty. Then - Jackson to the rescue - he yelled & ran him off. Tucker kept insisting that it was his new "pet bird" and he would have stayed with him forever if Jackson wouldn't have run him off. What are little brothers for?

Just showing you that I actually *do* attempt to photograph my children. They just don't cooperate. Grrrrrrr.

And the last shot of my 3 rugrats before the camera battery died (boo!):

By the time we got home, I was so exhausted that I fell into my bed & straight into a coma.... *sigh*

So we planned a 6Flags trip for the next day.... ugh. We never learn.

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