Wednesday, October 29, 2008

IN the hospital?

Not supposed to work that way for a nurse, I don't think, thank you very much! I'm SO ready to get out of here. Not that the people haven't been super nice, not that my doctor hasn't been helpful... it's just I'm stir crazy & READY TO GO HOME. I dunno if I've ever mentioned that I'm needle-phobic (oh, go ahead, laugh, I know you want to...) - but I am, & I'm REEEEEEAAAAALLLLLY tired of being stuck.

I guess if I'm griping, I'm feeling better, right? ;) Please say a prayer that I can go home today, because if I can't, I might just sneak out anyway...

1 comment:

Terri said...

SOOOOOOOOOOOOO glad your home and feeling better. Love you bunches