Thursday, October 16, 2008

Playing catch-up!

With all the web & blog changes, I've been SO BEHIND on posting client images... time to play catch up!

Another beautiful girl in my line of beautiful seniors =) And get this! She brought along a few people to her shoot - a couple shots in, I look over - and WHAT? I see this man I used to work with at Winn Dixie (way back in my high school & college days) ... I'm like, SHOCKED of course, because I haven't seen Randy in years! So I ask her, "How do you know Randy?" ... and she's like, "He's my dad."


But notice I said I was only in HS. He must have already been old or something. HAHA!!! So it TOTALLY doesn't count.

TOTALLY doesn't.

Anyway - I had SO MUCH FUN with Mallori!! She was up for pretty much anything - and had some suggestions herself. I was SO excited that she was bringing along a restored car (camaro I think, but I'm so not a car expert...) - originally we discussed her wearing a poofy prom dress for these shots, but I think the jean jumpsuit really suited her. At least her boyfriend (& all the passerby, & most of the guys - ok ok, ALL OF THE GUYS - on her facebook) thought so. HA! (Daddy watch out!)

Can I brag one sec? OF COURSE I CAN!!! It's my blog!

This one made explore on FLICKR:

A few more of my faves:

Are these two CUUUUUUTE or what?


Hope you enjoyed your shoot, Mallori! =)

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