Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Summer in the fall

You know how you hear someone's name & you automatically get this picture in your head of what they look like? No? Well, okay then, maybe I'm weird. Anyway, when I booked this session with Summer's mom, I had it dead set in my mind that summer had blonde hair. Even so much so that I was thinking how beautiful her hair was going to look up against the huge fountain at the falls.... so she gets out of the truck, and....

...she's not a blonde. ABSOLUTELY gorgeous, but not a blonde. I was kinda shocked, it was almost like I had made up this pretend blonde Summer girl, but Summer was here, and Summer was - in fact - brunette, and HECK, she was even born in November.

Which leads me to the question.... Stacy?? Why did you name her Summer? HAHAHA!!!!

I'm totally kidding, of course! Well, about most of it anyway. I did think she was blonde for some strange reason! =)

Seriously, Summer is ONE GORGEOUS girl. I mean, she's got gorgeous eyes, a glowing complexion & perfect white teeth. On top of all that, she's SKINNY. Ugh. Perfect little package. Somebody slap her! ;)

I'm still deciding on my fave from the session - but this one is a DEFINITE contender. Loving the light here..... Summer, you look FAB, girl! =)

Look out college boys ;)


Terri said...

She is a gorgeous girl, isn't she. These pictures are fantastic.

Alexis said...

These are beautiful shots! Gorgeous model!

Marla said...

Fabulous shots, Stephanie! And your lighting is gorgeous in the 3rd one and the last one. :)