Thursday, November 22, 2007

The Adventures of Wyndham & Axel

I'm not sure if any of you are familiar with elf magic - but if you aren't you need to check it out!

Basically, Santa lets your child adopt an elf - but only for a limited time. I mean, we can't have all the elves checked out of the north pole when there are toys to be made, right? Right. We're having such a great time with them here that I wanted to share the whole experience. Read at your own risk - long post ahead =)

I had just gotten home from work Monday night when we heard the doorbell ring. We wondered who in the world would be coming to visit at 8pm! Tucker & Jackson answered the door & discovered 2 little boxes sitting on the front porch. There was a note inside that said these were 2 of Santa's elves sent by the big man himself! Of course, we all were bummed that we missed Santa... heck I even took off running down the sidewalk, looking for him down the street, to which Tucker informed me, "Duh, Mom, he wouldn't be riding down the ROOOOOAD!" *insert eye roll here* Oh yeah. I forgot! But no sign of him in the sky either.

Now - these elves are very special & come with a little container of North Pole Snowflakes. At night, you put the elf on the kitchen counter & sprinkle him with snowflakes & he comes to life!!! You can write them little notes or questions & then at night, they write back to you. Fun stuff! You have to leave him crackers & water to eat because he gets really hungry - we were out last night (Axel broke into the pantry!) so we left them some Nerds. Apparently they really like candy. ;)

Meet Wyndham, our little troublemaker:

He's Jackson's elf. The first night he was here, he pulled off a whole entire roll of toilet paper & hid in the bottom of a side table! The next night, he broke into Jackson's room, pulled all of his clothes out of his closet & was swinging from the hangers... Jackson had locked the door, but alas, when we found Wyndham, he had the doorkey stuck in his belt. Smart little elf!

This is Axel, Tucker's elf:

I think Axel is a pretty good elf... he tries to play by the rules for the most part, but he *is* an elf, and elfs by nature are rather mischevious. He's already raided the pantry twice, eating up all the Little Debbies & crackers. He got into Tucker's PS games & threw them all over the floor... we found him in a drawer with the controller to the PS3, so we knew it was him. Then another night, he hung every pair of Tucker's underwear on the Christmas tree!!

And this morning, look what we found in the freezer:

Those crazy elves wrote that they were missing home so they went somewhere cold. Thank goodness they decided not to leave a mess tonight. They left a couple little presents instead =)

P.S. - Happy Thanksgiving!!!


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Renee said...

Wow girl - now I know why I haven't seen you online... you've been busy blogging!

Miss you... love the latest :)

Terri said...

In order to really appreciate these little elves you have to see them in person and the different things they do every day. As Tucker and Jackson say they are very MESSY. (But Tucker loves Axel and feels sorry for Wyndham because Jackson isn't very sweet to him)

Stephanie said...

oh my gosh- that is too funny! I bet you guys are having a blast with your new house guests. Can't wait to hear more of their adventures! :)