Friday, May 18, 2007

Outtake? Not necessarily!

I can't believe I have totally forgotten to post this.

A little background info: I was bound & determined to get "the perfect shot" of my 3 children for my mom & my MIL for mother's day. Enter blue seamless paper, Bluberi Boulevard for Cassidy, and Blue/White Button-Downs for the boys... it all sounds like a recipe for Blue Perfection. Right? Wrong.

Cassidy refuses to sit anywhere remotely near her brothers - she'd rather sit on the battery operated John Deere tractor. (which, in case you forgot, SOOOO does not go with my blue theme, people) I'm literally about in tears. Tucker's mumbling "when are we gonna be done?" Jackson wants to sit "right here" (visualize him pointing to the exact OPPOSITE spot Mommy indicates to sit) and Cassidy is a runaway Bluberi Boulevard Bandit. Ugh. Sheer, unadulterated madness.

I'm so upset by this point... near tears.... I'm wanting this perfect shot of my children that has eluded me for, well, FOREVER. "I take 100,000 pictures a year, and all I want is ONE of all 3 of my kids, TOGETHER". Boo hoo.

Enter hubby to save the day. He grabs Cass, stands behind the backdrop, and hangs her from her ankles.... "you want a pic of the kids together, SNAP IT!"

HA! Our version of Blue Perfection.


Stephanie said...

that's PERFECT!!!! I love it :)

I'm a fellow Alabamaian as well!

meg said...


Terri said...

love love love this picture. This is the true Arnold clan instead of all the posing. Also noticed you put a picture of yourself up. looks very cute.

Renee said...

and I STILL think it's a perfect photo and would LOVE to know this was hanging - LARGE - in your house!

Anonymous said...

This is perhaps my favorite picture of siblings I have ever seen! It is so perfect I can't even find more words to describe! I don't know you or your family (I'm on 2peas also) but as a mom I can relate and this picture says it all...totally priceless.


Heather said...

This is THE CUTEST picture ever!! I laughed so hard cause I can totally imgine the scene while looking at this and I hope you blew this up for the gp's and yourself as well, I know I would have:)

joanna said...

love love love it! i'm so interested in catching kids being kids and expressing themselves. and i've definitely been there, our last holiday card photo shoot ended with a tantrum......and let's just say it wasn't the kids! needless to say our photo greeting was a collage of images i already had! i now don't even try to get my kids to sit for me, i settle for snapshots and then only try the more formal stuff for other families! someday we'll have a nice family picture. maybe.


Julie C Butler said...

Can I just say - I looooooooooove this photo .. love it ..
and I don't know how come I didn't have you as a friend on my blog .. off to add you !!


Kristi Smith said...

I love that photo. It looks adorable on your header!!! Very clever.