Sunday, May 06, 2007

The Hot New Party Accessories

Who knew my loot bags at Jackson's birthday party would be such a hit? :o) The kids loved the Bubba teeth & holographic glasses. I've been so partial to black & white lately - but I couldn't help myself, this calls for lots of color!

Okay, okay.... I can post both, right? Right.

Funny thing happened on the way to the party - Tucker & Jackson decided to raid the loot bags a bit early. The little robbers were chewing their looted gum & decided it would look nice in their hair.

Daddy: "Now we're gonna have to go home & shave your head after the party. You're gonna be bald!"
Tucker: "NOOOOO! I don't wanna be bald!"
Daddy: "Well, too bad. That's what happens when you get gum in your hair."
Tucker (looking terrified): "Daddy..... is that what happened to Nick?"

Hee hee. Uncle Nick shaves his head. :o) We got such a kick out of that. Probably not funny to the general public but I wanted to blog it so I'd remember. :o)


Terri said...

How cute. Hopefully they want have to shave their heads (especially if they are going to look like Uncle Nick, hee hee) We had lots of fun at the party, even Cassidy had a blast. Nanny

Marla said...

That is just the most hilarious photo! You're right, it screams out for color. :) Love the story, too.