Sunday, May 27, 2007

First Grade Round Up

I can't believe Tucker is done with first grade! My baby just keeps getting bigger and bigger.

His last day of school was Thursday. Me & Eric sent Jackson & Cassidy to MIL's & went to watch the "1st Grade Round Up". Tucker was so stinking CUTE! The cowboy hats they are wearing were made out of newspaper. Fun, huh?! These aren't the greatest pics, but I was standing up in the back of the room - and lots of parents heads were in the way. (What were they thinking, blocking my photo op? HA!)

After lots of singing and quite a bit of dancing, I'm starting to think I've got the next American Idol right here in my house.

Here's Tucker & his best buddy, Austin. I have a feeling these 2 are gonna be friends for a long, long time. Silly boys!

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Terri said...

I think you could be right about the next American Idol and him getting to big. He is so darn cute and sweet.