Sunday, April 15, 2007


Extreme cuteness overload! Oh, and NUDITY!

Took a few pics yesterday before the bad weather came rolling in... Old Man Winter finally decided to take a hike but now April Showers are here. :( Ah, the joys of Mother Nature!

And this just cracks me up... that big belly! Not the most flattering angle for her boudoire shoot debut, you think?

JulieM likes her bedhead here :)

You know those beautiful shots with the shallow dof where you have your child hold something out & the focus is on the "something"... anyway, I thought I'd try that with Tucker's lollipop - naturally he bit off a big chunk right before I shot. It just doesn't work out when a little brother is around. HAHA!


Terri said...

these are toooo cute. Love the pics of Cassidy, especially the one showing her belly. Tucker and Jackson are just too funny.

meg said...

She is so cute. That one of T&J is very good- you should enter that at better photo...

Marla said...

OMGosh, those are so stinkin' cute, Stephanie!! :)

lindey said...

extreme cuteness is right! oh my :o) what a doll.

love, love your green wall & that last shot caught me by suprise as i scrolled down...super cute the perspective & dof!

your photos are beautiful...i'll have to be sure to check back in!