Sunday, April 29, 2007


I wanted to give you an update on Hayden. He has been discharged from the hospital and is recovering nicely, although he still has a long road ahead. Kids never cease to amaze me....

Here's a picture of him before he was discharged, courtesy of my Dad's cell phone.

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Mamaw is doing well too, she's got another 2 weeks before she goes back for the next heart cath. The man that killed my coworker was formally charged with capital murder a couple days after they arrested him. So maybe things can get back to normal.

Wellllllll, maybe normal is asking a bit much.


joanna said...

gosh, you just have so much to deal with right now. i hope things do get back to "normal" really soon and that you can de-stress.

great new pictures too, very cute!

Amber Hope said...

awww....poor little guy. I will keep him in my prayers. I hope all gets better soon.

Krystal McGee said...

Hi Stephanie,
I am so sorry to hear of your son, I have only just caught up on some the blogs that I watch out for. Being a nurse can sometimes make it easier or harder. My little one has been quite unwell too and it's a hard road sometimes. Love your pictures. My thoughts are with you.