Saturday, April 21, 2007

Need your prayers!

This week has been rough for everyone, to say the least. First, the killings at Virginia Tech. Didn't involve me personally, but very disturbing to say the least. Then, a co-worker murdered by his fiance's ex-boyfriend. Next, my Mamaw gets news that she has failed her stress test and needs a heart cath. Friday, while I'm waiting to hear about how her cath went, I get a phone call telling me that my nephew, Hayden, has been in a car accident & is in ICU. Bless his heart, he's only 3 & I'm sure he's terrified. He's doing much better now & has been transferred out of ICU. He has a broken neck, which required placement of a halo; two broken legs, one which required surgery (2 rods & several screws to keep everything in place), and casts on both legs up to his hips. He is not paralyzed, thank God.

Mamaw had 2 stents placed & has to go back for another heart cath in 3 weeks - her kidneys couldn't take the additional dye required to visualize the other areas of concern. She did great, and is coming home today. :)

Here's a pic of little Hayden - I posted this back in December when he came up for Christmas. Please keep him in your prayers, as I'm sure his road to recovery is going to be a rather long one.


meg said...

Its a small consolation you have this wonderful photo of this poor wee guy.Our thoughts go out to you, and him and your Grandma too. sending (((hugs)))

Terri said...

Just a update on Hayden. He was suppose to get to go home yesterday. He still has a very long recovery so please continue to pray for him. Stephs Mom

joanna said...

your poor family! i'm thinking of all of you and hoping that hayden is home now and getting better. he looks like such a sweet boy in that picture, and i bet he's being really brave now.

let us know if you need anything :)