Friday, February 09, 2007

I've been tagged!

Alright, already! I've been tagged by Julie to list 6 things that make me happy & by Marla & Lyndsay to list 6 weird things about myself (that was tough, ha!)

6 things that make me HAPPY...
1. Getting that *perfect* photo. Wish it happened more often!
2. Watching my husband with our kids. I especially enjoy watching him with Cassidy... his face literally LIGHTS UP when she gives him sugar (she doesn't often!)
3. Teaching. Anything. I love being able to explain something SOOO complex, in a way that a person can understand.
4. Getting comments on my blog. Isn't that silly?
5. The way Cassidy pats my back when I pick her up.
6. Being the middle part of a hug sandwich from my 2 boys :o)

Now for the weird things... I have to say, it was rather hard to narrow it down but here they are...

1. I would NEVER wear a sleeveless shirt in public. EVER.
2. I'm always shopping online... gymboree, old navy, gap, you name it - I'll fill up the shopping cart, then when I'm done, I feel too guilty to actually complete the purchase. I do it *AT LEAST* 3 times a week. (I always tell myself I'm "really" gonna buy it today, LOLOLOL!!!)
3. I won't spend $50 on a pair of jeans that I'd probably wear for 2-3 years, but I'll spend $50 on a toy for my kids that they play with for about 5 minutes.
4. Before me & my husband started dating, I tried to fix him up with another girl that I worked with.
5. Puke, poop, blood, guts - I can deal with. But snot grosses me out.
6. People think I'm sort-of psychic. (Can you be sort-of psychic?) I've had dreams before that were actually true. I've also dreamed about a friend's mother talking to me, asking me to give her son a message (she's dead) - after I told him about it, he freaked out, because it was true!!! (Okay I must confess, it freaked me out, too!!) To this day, I don't know why I had dreams about her, because I only met her 1 time. WEIRD.

Okay.... now I've got to tag 6 other people, which is going to be tough, because there are so many that have already participated... Kari, Joanna, Julie B., Amanda - okay, there is NOONE else to tag in all of blog land. I have looked. :o) 4 will have to suffice!

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meg said...

Well I sid I'd never ever wear a sleeveless shirt in public too- then i shifted to sunny Fiji (I just have to sometimes, its just too hot)! Yes can definitley be "sorta psychic", I think lots of people are (but more are definitley NOT). means you need to listen more carefully to your intuition than most...