Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Comments, pretty please!

So I've been a bad blogger. (Woah, deja vu, I think I've posted that before!)

I've been a little busy making some changes to my website. Brenda shared a great tip with me for customizing my template, so naturally, I had to play. I'm never satisfied! :o) I'm in the process of updating the galleries, so it's still not complete, but I'd love to hear your comments & constructive criticism. Go ahead, I have my hard hat on!! (Link at the right!)

What do you think about my new logo??

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P.S. - I know the dots are crooked, I hated it at first but now I'm kinda liking it, what do you think? (Can you tell I'm trying to make this an interactive post - HA! - I wanna see how many comments I can get!) Please take a sec & leave your name & where you are from, don't make me beg, it could get ugly! :)


Julie said...

Your site is looking better all the time.

Love the logo! Crooked dots need fixed though ;)

Stacy said...

I like the logo and you are in my favorites- so you need to get posting girlie!!

Melissa said...

Love the logo! Cute and classy!

Anonymous said...

Love it!

Anonymous said...

love the logo. Mom

Anonymous said...

you know, i really liked your old logo, i'm a HUGE polka dot girl, and i was actually pretty jealous of it (i'm working with an old friend who does design on a logo, maybe eventually i'll be up and running!)

i like the new one (and green is my favorite color too), i don't have any criticism really, i just need to get used to it.

...and maybe ask for custody of your old one, hee hee! only kidding!

great new posts too, love the hats!!

joanna (from blonde in a bottle-i'm just too lazy to sign in!)