Wednesday, January 24, 2007

Three Sisters

I took some pics of three sisters back in October.... for some reason, I didn't finish editing the session since it was practice. Last night, trying to free up some room on my hard drive, I came across this session- there were so many pictures that blew me away! Had to process & share a few :)

Baby Sister Brooke

Middle Sister Brianna - Is it just me, or does this kid scream Abercrombie model?!?

And last, but certainly not least, big sister Jessica.

And P.S. - Lori - you do know it's not normal to have 3 girls *this* beautiful, don't you?!? Just checking :)


Anonymous said...

These are really good pictures. And you are right they are three beautiful girls, Lori should be very proud. Mama

Sara D. (SaraBara on 2Peas) said...

It's so great to look back at images, I always see them in a new way. Beautiful pictures!!

Julie said...

You've been sitting on these? Wowsers girlie, you need to clean off that hard drive more often! These three girls are just stunning, their mom is going to love these!

So, did you make enough room to put Word back on? LMBO

Stephanie said...

HA HA, Very funny Julie. :op

Anonymous said...

WOW!.. Thanks Steph! We so should have processed these sooner. Jessica is going to be soo mad. She would definately want this one for Panther Tracks. Speaking of Abercrombie model..who by the way is sick in bed with strep throat, all 3 of them have an appt with a model scout on Tuesday...yeah!
Show me the money...:)
Yes, GOD is good...but 1 day I will regret these beautiful looks when the guys come knocking. 1 already his and her daddy has threaten to cut off his male parts if they dont stay where they need to...HA HA..:)~

Marla said...

Beautiful, Stephanie!