Saturday, January 06, 2007

Little Miss Ashley

You may remember the maternity pics I shot for my best friend... well her baby is here & she couldn't be any cuter!!! I wanted to share a few shots I got. To be honest, I wasn't very happy with the shoot because she was wide awake & wouldn't close those pretty little eyes. I was hoping for some sleeping baby shots :( but instead I got alert, squirmy baby shots.... heck, she's so cute, I don't think it even matters. It kills me that I couldn't include the feet on the body shot, but I had my 50 & 85 lenses w/no room :( I guess this calls for a(da da da da da DAAAAAAAA) new lens!!!! Hee hee... yeah right!


Sara D. (SaraBara on 2Peas) said...

Adorable!! there is always room fore more lenses!!!

Julie said...

LOL...what do you want next in terms of lenses? I'm looking at that 100 mm macro lens.

Sweet captures, sweet baby :)