Tuesday, January 13, 2009

2009 =)

Ok, ok. So I'm a little late to be posting Happy New Year... but hey, what can I say? It *is* one of my New Years' resolutions to stop procrastinating. I haven't gotten around to that yet, but I will. Tomorrow. =)

So what's up since my last post?

1) Santa came. I'm certain that he left the entire contents of his sleigh on my living room floor. It was absolutely ridiculous. (I dunno who's fault that was!)

2) The elves went. Thank GOODNESS. As happy as I was to see them come, I was happier to see them go. Tucker's class elf, Tamara, came to stay with us for the holiday break - and I'm just gonna say that 4 elves in the house along with 4 children is a bit much. And we'll just leave it at that.

3) I visited my brother's grave & saw his headstone for the first time on Christmas Eve. I was worried about how it would turn out, because honestly there wasn't alot to choose from - the cemetary that he's buried in has only those flat headstone things - but all in all, it turned out really nice. For a headstone.

4) Trinity & Haden came up to visit for a realllllllly LOOOOONG weekend. 6 kids in one house, um. Not recommended! Wow! I heart them though :)

5) I'm planning my baby girl's THIRD (yes I did say THIRD) birthday party. Where did the time go?

6) Eric probably broke a rib. Playing basketball at the Fire Department. Yes, he still thinks he's in high school.

7) Tucker & Nate made A-B honor roll. I have to admit, I'm never excited by B's. I hate B's. B's stink. I'm an all-A lovin' kinda girl.

8) I got lots of diamonds for Christmas from my darling husband! A diamond wrap for my solitaire & diamond earrings. I heart him too. :)

9) The new coolest thing in our house is the Wii. We ABSOLUTELY LOVE IT!!! We also got a Wii fit, gotta say that's been a hit as well! Games I recommend (based on adult AND kid approval combined): wii sports (we love tennis & bowling), wii fit (balance games & aerobics get the most use here), Super Mario Party 8, some Zelda game (that is super duper complicated & time consuming), and Trauma Center: New Blood (I dunno who picked that one! wink wink!)

10) We put a down payment on a lot in Mountain View subdivision! We're really excited (by we, I mean Eric) about trying to sell our house in a failing economy, then packing up all our junk, and moving - probably into some nice, quaint (read= SMALL) apartment or something of the like, while waiting for our brand spanking shiny new house to be built. YAY. I can't wait.

11) I switched to Mac. =) Still figuring it out.

12) My sweet, sweet Grandad celebrated his 86th birthday on January 8th. Words can't describe how much I love that man!!!! He is peace personified; the kindest, gentlest man I have ever met. (and how cool is it that he is MY grandad!!! SCORE!) He is never upset or cross about anything. He has the strongest faith of anyone I know. He is past generous. And how he's put up with my grandmother for 66 years, I'll never know.... but he loves her. And I love him!

12) I failed yet again this year to make any new year's resolutions... well, actually I was gonna make some, then new years' came & went, and there I was, still thinking about making resolutions, because I figure - I need to give this alot of thought, right? So around about January the 5th, I decided that I would only make ONE resolution, and that was to STOP PROCRASTINATING. Which - *sigh* - I've still not gotten around to (see beginning of post) but I will. Soon. ;)

No pics today. But soon. Promise! ;)

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