Sunday, August 26, 2007

More of Jessica...

Isn't she lovely??? And so much fun to boot! =)

You'll have to pardon me, I was in tilt mode extraordinaire... =)

Disclaimer - I can't be held responsible for the crick in your neck... so don't look too long =)


Julie said...

WOW, these are awesome! She's beautiful and you've capured her so well. Great job girl, I can see you growing with every post :)


Marla said...

Fab shots, Steph!! I agree with Julie, I can really see growth in your shots lately.

BTW, I'm still trying to come up with 8 interesting things about me ... man that is hard, I'm not all that interesting!! ;)

Terri said...

these are great shots. It always helps when you have a beautiful model, huh. She is really growing up.

Renee said...

oooh.. you didn't show me the last one before. I love it.

These are great and I agree with the others... you are growing so much lately!