Saturday, August 25, 2007

Changes Underway!

Website update underway!! Of course with my hectic schedule it may take a while, but it *is* in the works. Pinky swear! =) Here's a peek at my old one...

Alrighty roo - I've been tagged by Renee to list 8 interesting things about me. Not sure these qualify as interesting, but here goes!

1) I'm an award-winning pianist. The awards were from when I was younger, but I can still count them, right? Honestly, I think I played better technically when I was about 10, but now I've got soul, sister! LOL!

2) I'm proud to say that I have saved a life, many times. =)

3) My hair is naturally curly but you'll rarely ever see it that way.

4) I have an insane phobia of spiders. Seriously.

5) I secretly worry that I'm a terrible mother and I'm going to scar my children for life.

Okay... I'm not sure any of these are qualifying as interesting, LOL! But I'm plugging on...

6) I've never met some of my bestest buds in person. They live in my computer. ;)

7) Eric & I have acquired a 4th child, Nate... we live from day to day without knowing if or when he's gonna leave us. We're growing quite attached. LONG STORY. And big, big, SUPER thank you to Jenny Ress. YOU ROCK!

8) I'm addicted to lip balm. Specifically Burt's Bees Lip Shimmer in Rhubarb or Fig. I'm thinking that people I work with get sick & tired of watching me apply it. ALL DAY LONG.

Now I've gotta tag 8 other photogs. Jenny, Erin, Meg, Julie B, Marla, Renee L, Heather, Amanda - YOU'RE IT! =)

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Jess said...

I got your link from 2peas and had to click over. I love the look of your website. The colors are great very different. Nice Job! My website is under construction too lots of work. Love the baby photos posted on 2peas and everything else.