Sunday, September 28, 2008

The many faces of Jackson

I love this little stinker. He's CHOCK-FULL of personality. You'll notice his hair, I'm sure, which is actually a grown-out version. He decided to cut his hair "all the way to the skin" & wound up looking like a dog with the mange. So we had to shave his ENTIRE. HEAD.

A conversation we had the other day:
Jackson: "Mama, are we having a birthday party?"
Me: "No, baby, who's birthday is it?"
Jackson: "Well it was yours. And I wanted to invite somebody."
Me: "Well honey, my birthday's already over. I'm not having a party."
Jackson: "Well, when I have a party, I already invited somebody then."
Me: "Who?"
Jackson: "God. He's coming to my party. He comes everywhere with me."
Me: "He does? How's that?"
Jackson: "Because, silly, he lives in my heart. I love him."


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Terri said...

how sweet. Its amazing our Jackson can be the rough tough kid he is then turn around and be just precious. Gotta love him. Not only is he CUTE but he is a very charming little boy.