Monday, December 10, 2007


Update: Nate has come to live with us. We have retained a lawyer & are petitioning for custody - GUESS WHAT?!? Yep, he wants an elf. I'm worried.... we have enough mess to clean up with Wyndham & Axel running around - adding a third one to the mix?? EEEEEK!

Good thing I had my car keys hidden -

I dunno who gave them permission to party... but they invited their friends anyway...

And here - Axel heard me playing the piano one day & wrote a note to Tucker saying he thought he could do better! Wyndham - oh, Wyndham, forever the mischevious one - he rearranged the nutcrackers & stole one of their swords!!!

Ohhhhh..... the morning I woke up & found this, I just about CHOKED the little devils!!! They made "elf angels" in the "snow" .... aren't they cute? *rolling eyes* Hardy har har.

They even made a snowman out of marshmallows. Crafty little boogers, I tell you.

Never a dull moment with these guys around... but I have to say, I might miss them when they're gone. ;)


Stephanie said...

oh my gosh- that is just too too darn cute!! I can't wait to be able to do something like that when Hannah gets a little older! :)

Renee said...

We are adopting next year for sure!!! I don't know if I can keep them under control though ;)

Terri said...

tooo funny. I'm not sure who has the most fun, Mom or the kids. But Tucker does get up every morning checking out what they have done the night before.
P.S. Please keep Stephanie and her family in your prayers while they go through this transition with Nate.

dellison04 said...

where do you get all of this energy from? i know you dont need any more jobs but you really should go into creating/writing childrens books. you would be so go at it. then i could come to work for you and we would make it BIG and not have to go back to GLC. lol

Terri said...

what are the elves up to these last few days? I assume they are being up to something