Saturday, July 28, 2007

Where'd my baby go?

I don't know if anyone has noticed, but I used to post pics of Cassidy all the time... mainly because she was the only one I could get to sit still. Well NO MORE. Oh my gosh - this kid is lightning fast now - running everywhere. I cannot catch her. I managed to get about 3 minutes of shooting time with her today (such a DIVA). Anyway - got back to the computer & uploaded - WHERE did my baby go? I about died when I saw this - she looks soooo big! But stinking cute. STINKING CUTE!!!!


Terri said...

My honey is growing up to fast. I saw this picture and almost cried. I hadn't seen her in a week and it looked like she grew a year older. Cute Cute picture

Julie C Butler said...

OMG! Stephanie .. Stinking Cute is an under-statement!!
Just Gorgeous!!
I love it!!
I am loving this red Background!!
Great photo!!

And I know how you feel about baby groing up .. I can't believe Cameron will be 2 in TWO MONTHS!!