Thursday, June 21, 2007

I'm Baaaaaaaaaack!


Got off the boat this morning & headed out of New Orleans around 8am. I'M SO GLAD TO BE HOME! I missed the kiddos. Everything was beautiful, but I got really, really seasick - so all didn't go as planned, (naturally!)

I was pretty lucky in the casino on the boat - I sat down at a quarter slot machine & put in 75 cents (the max bet) - spun it ONCE - and BAM! $500 bucks. HOW COOL IS THAT!

Here's one from Costa Maya - trust me you'll be seeing a lot more, I'm unpacking & sorting through things right now. Can't play on the computer until that's all done (WELL..... I did sneak in just ONE.) <<*grin*>>


Terri said...

glad your back....I sure did miss you. Glad you had a good time. That looks like a very nice place to take a relaxing vacation. Gorgeous pic.

Renee said...

You're back!!!! I missed youuuuuuuu.........

Can't wait to see the pics. Unpack already!

Stephanie said...

Welcome home!!!! I bet you had a great time!!

Julie said...

Where are the rest? I'm glad you are back and sorry you got seasick.

I missed you terribly, no more vacations for you,missy ;)

Julie C Butler said...

At first I thought I read $5.00 - and I'm like "WHAT is so exciting about that"?? But then I re-read .. and it was $500 bucks .. that is really KEWL .. so did you spend it all!!
We did miss you - and glad you are back .. Now - where are those pictures!! One is just not gonna do!! (it's gorgeous BTW)